1. Der Wish
    King Imagine

  2. The World Doesn't Want You
    The Perverts

  3. Blethered For Nowt
    Mrs. Cakehead

  4. Bad Suburban 3 / Bad suburban Rides Again
    Bad Suburban Nightmare

  5. A Piece of Master
    Maria Maze and Herb Diamante

  6. Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta
    Sebastian Melmoth

  7. Easy Listening Volume One
    Tse Tse Fly


  9. Tengger

  10. Capturas Del Único Camino
    Damián Anache

  11. Homo Tyrannicus
    Left Hand Cuts off the Right

  12. Loop Phantasy Number 1
    Stuart Chalmers

  13. Grim Enema
    Grim Enema

  14. Good Good Things
    Good Good Things

  15. Spirit World Circle Jerk
    The Ceramic Hobs

  16. Left Hand Cuts off the Right
    Left Hand Cuts off the Right

  17. Metal Guru / Moonage Daydream
    Astral Social Club

  18. Radioactive Snuff
    Nigel Joseph

  19. Highways 1
    Bad Suburban Nightmare

  20. Supplemental Shale
    Staied Afro

  21. More like random objects or rocks
    Tjong Pow

  22. 20 Greatest Hits
    the A Band

  23. Highway 2
    Bad Suburban Nightmare

  24. Equine EP
    Jaguar Min

  25. 33 Trapped Chilean Miners
    Ceramic Hobs

  26. Spaceshit
    Smell and Quim

  27. Haunted Heart
    Stormy Weathers

  28. Wrested Thread
    Wrested Thread

  29. All your 8's in Space
    Naff Natty

  30. Voting for Gloss
    The Drop Out Wives

  31. ...are the reasons you can't have nice things
    TheDrop-Out Wives

  32. The Execution of William Kemmler
    Mad Tyrant

  33. No More Spon - Why is the Monk Pink?
    Dr Adolf Steg

  34. Live and Comfy Baldness
    Weaselly Tensile Band

  35. Skin=Deception

  36. W@nk the Cat, Feed the Dog
    Uncle Paul

  37. Noisenautics vol II
    Nava Spatiala

  38. King Summat Vs. SOUP
    King Summat Vs. SOUP

  39. Language and Labyrinth

  40. Place mask over both nose and mouth, breathe normally
    We Are Not Cartoons


Must Die Records Blackpool, UK

Must Die Records is a small DIY label founded in Blackpool, UK in 2010. Must Die specialise in sound and audio experiments, avant-garde, fringe, drone, noise and outsider music. The motivation behind Must Die is the love of music and the joy of hearing and exploring music and new styles. ... more

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